eCom Babes Review (Training Course by Cortney Fletcher)

The eCom Babes training is focused on the business model of selling goods through an e-commerce store, which is accessible online. This course is primarily for females who want to learn how to manage their own online store.

Think of this course as a step-by-step guide and teaches women entrepreneurs what they need to do to start their own eCommerce store or website from the comfort of their own home without the need for a lot of capital or technical experience.

With their social media marketing instruction, these ladies will also learn how to profit from their new knowledge with their own e-commerce businesses. In the remainder of this eCom Babes review, I will discuss the course based on my own access and give you an honest determination if it is worth the price.

What is the Cost of The eCom Babes Course?

To learn about the latest pricing information on the eCom Babes training program, you must sign up for their introductory webinar. This will give you a full rundown on what’s included in this course and how much it costs to join the eCom Babes community of like-minded individuals who are interested in embarking on the process of starting an online business.

Pretty commonly for an online course, the pricing can fluctuate over time based on seasonality, recent overhauls, etc. so the only way to get an accurate price as of current times would be to attend the webinar. As of right now, there doesn’t appear to be a money back guarantee, but there is a tremendous amount of help available for customers to help succeed as long as you take the time to put in the effort.

Are people actually making money with the eCom Babes training, or is it a scam?

The eCom Babes team has shared stories of successful women who have taken the course publicly displayed on the course’s site.

When I joined the eCom Babes Facebook group, I could relate and see many success stories affirming her teachings. To see other women succeed who used to be in my shoes knowing nothing about eCommerce was incredibly motivating and inspiring!

What to Expect in the eCom Babes Training

The eCom Babes program offers guidance on establishing a sustainable online store and growing an audience of customers.

The course is delivered in six modules over a period of time, perfect for beginners learning how to develop their own digital store and run an online business. While the training is gender-neutral, it is focused on e-commerce stores that women would run.

Cortney Fletcher has an experienced track record as a successful online store owner and created this course to walk you through creating, managing, and running your own online store.

She has an immense amount of life experience under her belt, so you’ll be learning from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Who Is Cortney Fletcher?

Cortney Fletcher is the founder and creator of the eCom Babes training system to teach new entrepreneurs how to launch a profitable online boutique store.

After choosing to become a college dropout, she started her own eCommerce stores which allowed her to become an internet entrepreneur who doesn’t have to worry about money anymore.

Cortney has a background in eCommerce business and marketing, which is why she knows how to properly launch an e-commerce business and ensure it runs successfully over time. Her success and teachings have garnered her quite a social media reputation with nearly 15K followers on Instagram

The Connective eCommerce method is one of the many techniques discussed throughout this online course and is likely the most valuable. This concept combines affiliate marketing and drop shipping to lessen the risk of costly advertising expenses or the need to handle any inventory.

The eCom Babes Training System: Broken Down

The eCom Babes program is structured into 6 weeks of content. It leads pupils through the means of starting an online shop and marketing it enough to become a successful, sustainable business in the long term.

1: Mindset & Foundations

For both your sanity and success, it’s important to develop a productive business mindset. As the first module in this course, Cortney offers a section dedicated solely to generating a prosperous mindset and how this change can affect your future results. Students should expect to broaden their mindsets and learn about new perspectives on handling business undertakings.

2: The New Age of eCommerce

The internet has created an entirely new economy with opportunities like never before: the ability to buy anything at any time in any place around the world. As a result, there is no shortage of opportunities for selling goods online in the eCommerce industry.

In this week’s course, Courtney reveals why starting your own e-commerce store is financially practical and a great way to create income streams. It covers things you need to know about running a profitable business as cheaply as possible through social media and clever marketing — all from home without ever leaving your living room (or spending much money).

3: The 7 Figure Store Anatomy

Building your own virtual store can be a daunting task, but many resources are available to help you get started. The 7 Figure Store Anatomy course will teach you how to create your own shop with guidance for setting up the right Shopify site that suits all of your needs.

You don’t need a lot of tech experience, it will show you how to choose and set up your hosting (Shopify), domain name, and all the miscellaneous tech stuff.

4: Setting Up Social

Businesses can promote their products on Instagram or Facebook to increase their brand awareness and gain new customers. Social media has been instrumental in the success of her businesses, so Courtney will show you how to use them effectively.

She’ll run you through examples of how to use social media marketing to increase product visibility and boost sales.

To increase customer sales and improve the buying experience, you must get individualized with your customers and learn about them. This section has some helpful tips on collecting data from different sources to provide a more personalized experience for each person visiting your online boutique.

5: Connective eCommerce

Cortney has been teaching her course for five weeks and now she starts talking about how to apply the Connective eCommerce approach to your own online boutique.

This strategy utilizes a dropshipping business model coupled with affiliate marketing partnerships which can easily be set up through a traditional online affiliate program. To make customers take you seriously, building credibility should be a crucial first step of any business, especially if it’s new like yours.

Within this lesson, Cortney Fletcher will teach you just what kind of low-risk opportunity awaits entrepreneurs who want to grow their fledgling businesses without risking too much time or money on trial and error methods.

6: Scaling to 6 and 7 Figures With Ads

Cortney’s sixth week of the course is one you shouldn’t miss as it talks about one of the best secrets to scaling the sales from your website through paid ads. She’ll show you how to set up the structured ad campaigns that will drive traffic and sales for your website, teach you who best fits in with your product so that they see what it has to offer. She even teaches on measuring success by showing you how to tell which ads work out better than others.

Extra Video Trainings & Downloadable Guides

Supplementary videos are available for any tactics that have changed or been updated since the initial filming. In addition, some videos have experts offer live Q+A videos on the site from previously broadcast sessions. Furthermore, downloadable guides are available to assist with common procedures, product research, and technical how-tos.

Facebook Group: A Goldmine of Value

Probably the most important part of this eCom Babes review is the community aspect. Sure, the content within the course material is good, but the eCom Babes Facebook group is a great place for students to find help with questions related to their new business. There are many benefits of joining the eCom Babes Facebook group.

The members of this closed Facebook support group are all fellow women ecom students who have all paid for the course. This allows the group members the chance to discuss anything and everything about how to start an online boutique — from strategy changes, collaborating with other owners, talk advanced tactics (like email marketing, YouTube promotion or conversion rate optimization) or learning from those who have already taken their stores to the next level.

Asking questions and sharing your products or boutique URL for free critiques from Cortney or other members is encouraged. The excellent moderation makes it easy to avoid useless posts that are actually a product or service pitch. Instead, you can participate in valuable discussions with like-minded people instead of group members just trying to make a buck off one another like many other eCom groups.

Review Verdict on Cortney Fletcher’s eCom Babes Course

eCom Babes is the course for all those who want to start their own eCommerce store. It includes everything you need, from creating credibility as a brand and attracting customers through social media ads, maximizing sales by dropshipping or affiliate partnerships while staying aware of expensive mistakes like wasting money on marketing failures.

These six-week instructional videos teach how to do it right for women by women. You will learn to set up an e-commerce site and manage customers without hiring any staff.

The world of eCommerce is a pretty big place, but if you’re new to it and want some help navigating your way through it all, then the Ecom Babes course will give you an insider’s perspective on how the industry really works with strategies to succeed.